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We are a global agritech trading platform, providing a safe place for growers to reach out to global buyers of fresh produce on scale.

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We know that as a broker you need easy access to the freshest produce. Now you can trade directly with both sellers and buyers

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Ensure you get the best, freshest product directly from the farmers field. We will ensure you get what you want when you want it.

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What we do

We help you trade fresh produce, globally, ethically and safely

We created Marketbuy to bring transparency and fluidity to the fresh produce industry. Marketbuy_Ñés technology and services enable buyers, sellers, and third-party solutions providers to access new markets, grow their network through fully verified buyers globally, giving growers new ways to close better deals in a safe environment.

Making logistics easy

Our shipping partner Chill-Chain is a cool new way of moving cold goods across Europe. The technology is fun to use, drives value for shippers and introduces hauliers to customers they wouldn’t have found before. Chill-Chain believe that communication is the key to solving the world’s problems, so logically they’ve started with logistics.

What are the benefits of using Marketbuy?

Greater Choice

Greater choice

Get the pick of the bunch from the best growers all around the world, connect freely with an unlimited network of buyers and sellers.

Greater Choice

Make connections

Get direct access to an unlimited community of Growers and buyers from anywhere in the world and benefit from a completely transparent supply chain.

Greater Choice

Transparent trading

Marketbuy enables you to communicate directly with your trading partner to ensure that any questions are answered without going through a third party broker.

Greater Choice

On-hand support

We are here to help you work through any issues that might arise. Both buyer and seller are protected by our Marketbuy Resolution protection team.

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